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Essay in two parts

A) I'm not really understanding this argument about how Zac is ~suddenly~ a fame-whore.

To start, imo Zac and Ashley would've probably been pretty hammy without the paparazzi anyway. They are cheeseballs, probably even more so after a pitcher of sangria, some Dos Equis and a sugar-filled cupcake cake. And I can only imagine how Kenny and their pals loling at them just added fuel to the fire, so to speak.

Was it over-the-top? Yeah just little bit. Less can really be more and it might bite them in the ass. Whether they knew the papz were going to be there or they just saw the cameras once they were having fun... they went with it, they had a good time. Side note: ftr, at least some pics came from a photog that was there legit-like apparently.

And you know what, I'm really really happy to see Zac being happy and being a cheeseball. The longer he's been at this, the more reserved he's become in some ways. It's understandable of course, but it makes the time when he's flying his goofball flag more exciting.

It is important to keep in perspective also that most people don't see all almost 200 of these pictures. They'll probably see the one (or if he's lucky two) in People Magazine and call it good. So to them it's just like oh hey Zac Efron's abs, haven't seen you in a while, can I plz touch u? No? :'( Not like OMG FAME WHORE.

Truth be told, that's the same thing with the skateboarding pics, most people see one. But my problems with those were only half the same as these. They were just aggravated massively by the company and the kind of wackness of their set up and overly-obvious execution.

Also these have come after a massive dry spell whereas those were after days and days of shots from airports and NYE filming. Multiple blogs in fact have called him out for being MIA cause he went for two months without paparazzi shots. This is a good (but slightly shameless) way to remind people he's not been abducted and he still has a killer body. This is probably a good opportunity to remind people too considering he's shortly leaving for another few months to film and will be MIA again. If The Lucky One was any indication, there's a good chance we won't get a lot of paparazzi pics for The Paperboy, unless they find the combo of Matt, Zac and possibly Nicole more worthwhile.

Anyway, idk how people can argue he's changing into some sort of fame whore. He's about as much of a famewhore as he always has been, maybe he's just not so savvy about it recently. He's always played that game, everyone does - Ashley, Vanessa, even huge stars like Leo. Admittedly usually he has something to promote, be it HSM3 or Charlie St. Cloud. But until I see him heading out every day to the park to sit and read some Kurt Vonnegut, I'm gonna hold off on foisting that mantle on him.

B) I'm not sure why people are judging either of them re: their interaction.

They've always been good friends, they've always been touchy feely... why is that going to change?

One thing that confuses (or maybe just annoys) me is that Vanessa and Ashley have always been touchy feely also and nobody bats an eye. Let's get real, when Van and Ash would be or are all over each other it's often treated as a cute joke. For example, during HSM, it was lol Zac could be their beard. Nobody took it (or any of their recent hanging out) as some insult or nasty thing being done to Zac.

So why is it different in this case? Just cause Zac and Ashley are boy and girl? Yeah, yeah I get it... girl code. But that's kind of bullshit. Sorry to say. There is common decency that all people should act on, but where have they violated that. They're having a good time, just as Vanessa and Ashley have.

It's not fair to force any of our concepts of friendship (which in any circumstance is a varied concept even within one's own multitude of relationships) on them, especially given we are really rather uninformed. If Scott or her mom or her sister or their friends or even Vanessa, want to call bullshit on them fine. But with what I know of them and with my not being there at the party, I'm not comfortable with judging them that way or with a lot of the judgments I've seen today.

Anyway, feel free to burn me in effigy for having ideas if you want, just keep the comments nice. I'm out to Best Buy and Qdoba but I'll shut comments off if it is getting nasty. Please just revel in his obvious happiness.

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