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'The Paperboy': A not big surprise and a BIG surprise...

THR provided updates on The Paperboy cast today... one not surprise:
Maguire dropped out of the project last week, throwing a wrench into the proceedings and causing the shoot to be pushed back. The delay then intruded on Vergara’s Modern Family shooting schedule, prompting her to drop out of Paperboy on Friday.

We knew that Tobey's involvement on The Great Gatsby (among other things perhaps) might affect his involvement and indeed it did.

The BIG SURPRISE though is who they are reportedly trying to get to replace Sofia Vergara
But the producers are acting quickly to buttress up the cast and are now in talks with Nicole Kidman to step into Vergara’s shoes.

Nicole Kidman does't quite fit what I expected of Charlotte's character (ok not really at all)... but she's awesome so I'll give this the benefit of the doubt, lol. Plus there really just aren't a lot of curvy actresses, so it was always a question of who (aside from the obvious - but already busy - choice Christina Hendricks) could fill such a role.

The casting issues could seriously mangle with The Paperboy's shooting schedule, even more than they already did. Nicole was cast in Stoker which is reportedly filming August 8. Of course, all of this could be a good (really good) thing for his involvement in the Bahrani pic. I feel like some decision must be around the corner (or already have been made) since they have a go date for Bahrani and are actively moving on it. Still crossing my fingers.
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