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Something is not adding up here...

Crew call info for the Bahrani pic, from the Chicago Film Office via OLV:
Production will be based outside Chicago in Dekalb, IL beginning principal photography approximately August 1st. Prep begins immediately.

Now clearly he can't be filming The Paperboy starting July 25th (as reported in Scene Weekly as well as the Louisiana Film Office website) and the Bahrani pic starting August 1. If SW and the LA Film Office are wrong and The Paperboy is still starting earlier in the month as other places have reported... even then I'm not sure they'd have enough time. Given how many scenes in both films his character is likely in, even if they frontload the schedule with his scenes in The Paperboy and push off his scenes in the Bahrani, he'd still probably have a conflict. This doesn't even allow for Bahrani's typical rehearsal approach.

Our greatest fear is that he had to drop Bahrani and the info just hasn't spread yet. There is possible support for this on the production company's facebook which shows upcoming projects including the Bahrani film but only lists Dennis Quaid in the cast. However, he is listed in the crew call (although the film office could have just picked that up from IMDB or a previous press release). Plus it was indicated previously that Zac was possibly a key to financing the deal. So if he dropped, I kind of would've thought that unless they had someone else interesting on tap (which you figure they'd announce asap), the project would've fallen apart... temporarily at least.

But it hasn't and both projects are definitely moving forward. We already knew they had begun casting for smaller roles for the Bahrani pic and now this crew call as well. And, on The Paperboy side, Lee Daniels is apparently already in New Orleans with pre-prod.

So what gives?

Did they clone him so he can be in two places at once? If so, I call the left-over clone when he's done filming.

Kidding aside, I have to be honest with the details out there, if it were my choice, I'd choose Bahrani.

ETA: i really don't want to be an alarmist but we've had a bad feeling about the scheduling for awhile. and it has just become worse and worse the more info we got.
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