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MAOW premieres at TIFF 08

Pics from VABN

Zac stuff:
Movie Nation Review
Variety's Thompson on Hollywood Blog
Fan Review at comment 105
LA Times Buzz
Reading Book
Heather - But I Don't Want a Blog
First Showing
Screen Daily
Cinema Blend
LJ user's short but sweet review
Hollywood Reporter - very positive
Awards Daily
A Lit Chick
Variety - Todd McCarthy
Is this a slam or not?
Lucid Forge, very positive
Film Blather, a very appropriate moniker

Not actually a review, but buzz about Zac

Nothing about Zac, but in general MAOW:
Pagan Agenda
Time Out Chicago
Reading book...

Movie Nation 1 (not a review, but has videos of arrivals)
Cinematical (about after party)
Personal account of the red carpet
Personal account of stalking him to Empire
An account of meeting Zac
Pic of Zac in car with two guys - Yes, thrilling, I know
Variety on TIFF's commercial aspect
One Guy

Comments from IMDB:

Excerpt of Pyrocitor's comment

Zac looked a bit nervous on arrival (to be expected as this was his first time seeing the film) but dapper in his brown suit and black shoes. And yes, everyone says don't mix browns and blacks... but since Brad Pitt did the same thing at the Burn After Reading premiere, I think we can just call it a 2008 fashion trend. The showing was at Ryerson and the after party was at Empire.

Consensus seems to be that Christian McKay is effing brilliant and 'surprisingly' HSM-boy is not bad at acting. After that, a couple of people thought Zac did just okay while most thought he did really well. The same kind of reception was assigned to Linklater's direction too. Overall, the movie was well-liked which is a good start, and it sounds like it should get picked up.

ETAs in italics
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