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Zefron walks into a party with a skateboard...

Aside from a look from Nicole Richie that can only mean she was jealous of my outfit (don't worry, you looked totally cute too, Nic!), the highlight of the night was definitely seeing Zac Efron and his buddies saunter in holding skateboards, no big deal. Like, who doesn't skate to events? Did you not know that's like the thing to do now? Apparently the Roosevelt valet wouldn't park them but something tells me Zac and his crew would have preferred to keep their boards with them for the party to complete the Z-boys look. He's not over losing that role to Emile. Sad, really...

LA Guest of a Guest

Perhaps the valet heard he often tips with movie passes.

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Tags: event, outfit repeater, papz, skateboard, slightly douchey, social media
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