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Jun 21st
11:59 am
New Year's Eve Concept Art Poster  
From joblo.com:

Please visit their site for higher res.

This is not a final poster, as you can see most of these images are from other events. It's my guess they'll be replaced with images from the movie. Also, I've been thinking, based on promo for Valentine's Day we might soon get a trailer, possibly attached to Larry Crowne or Friends with Benefits or some other romantic type movie? Whichever or whenever, it will be exciting to finally get new footage.
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Bee: Zac – SNL - White Tuxedojeezbee on June 21st, 2011 06:06 pm (UTC)
My guess is that we'll get the trailer with WB's rom-com Crazy, Stupid, Love. which comes out 29 July but I sure wouldn't mind getting it earlier.

I wish they would keep this pic (or another old pic) instead of a pic from the movie - or at least hope they pic one where you don't see the chubs/bloat much. I'm curious if they keep the billing order and size of pics (even if the pics itself change).

It's Audrey not Aubreyaudrey_za on June 22nd, 2011 12:04 am (UTC)
IA with you regarding a possible theatrical trailer prior to Crazy, Stupid, Love. Screeners for Larry Crowne are asking for demos of 25-55, whereas most ask for 17-35.

I wonder though if it might be released online first- maybe a day or two prior to the theatrical (or longer?) version. Just musing aloud!
Beejeezbee on June 22nd, 2011 12:15 am (UTC)
Yeah, I think 90% trailer come out online shortly before they play in theaters and NYE isn't a super-secretive thing so I'm sure we'll get it.
Troll St. Trollglamour_addict on June 21st, 2011 06:06 pm (UTC)
i'll be shocked if he takes up that amount of real estate on the official poster. Unless his character is bigger than we think. Or is made bigger based on the Bankability of Zef... and the fact that he looks good in print.
Troll St. Trollglamour_addict on June 21st, 2011 06:08 pm (UTC)
and that billing order....
Beejeezbee on June 21st, 2011 06:15 pm (UTC)
Yeah, for VD the billing is in order of appearance (on IMDb) and alphabetically on the poster. I would be surprised to see anything different for NYE. Way too much a headache otherwise.

Edited at 2011-06-21 06:17 pm (UTC)
Troll St. Trollglamour_addict on June 21st, 2011 06:12 pm (UTC)
there is something Old-Hollywood about appropriating stock photos (in this case, event photos) for a film poster. Its like showcasing the actors as actors and not their characters. Which works for these 'cavalcade of stars' movies. but yeah, the poster will change.
Miranda gives everyone a chancemirandagirll on June 21st, 2011 08:50 pm (UTC)
I'm probably the only person who really likes the poster.
If what you're saying about a trailer for this movie is true, then I have something to look forward to, in terms of movie trailers, within the next couple months.
It's Audrey not Aubrey: All Smilesaudrey_za on June 21st, 2011 11:50 pm (UTC)
Nah, I like it too. :)
redundancy is not elaborationthelightisdim on June 22nd, 2011 12:04 am (UTC)
Ok, this has nothing to do with NYE but have you seen this?

Russell Crowe and this dude were looking at pics from several celebs including Dakota Fanning, Rooney Mara, Alex Pettyfer, Taylor Swift, Naomi Watts and other people I can't recognize... theories? lol
hunny miss (aka lets fead him to the gators)ehs_wildcats on June 22nd, 2011 12:12 am (UTC)
LOL omg...

this came up in one of the australian syndicated press sites and they were like LOL RUSSELL HATED ZAC'S PICTURE. HAHA. i about died loling.

they said it was supposedly re: cast mates for the dark tower adaptation russell is supposed to be in, i guess.
redundancy is not elaborationthelightisdim on June 22nd, 2011 12:14 am (UTC)
lol it is weird because Zac is the only one who had a picture from an even and not a photoshoot. And gee, couldn't they have picked something recent?

oic... I'm not sure if I want.
hunny miss (aka lets fead him to the gators)ehs_wildcats on June 22nd, 2011 12:21 am (UTC)
yeah i'm not sure about it either. but right now he's got enough going on to be busy for awhile.

tbh, i think i read in one of the articles crowe refuted he was in dark tower. but that is what the article claimed it was for. jeezbee thinks it was javier bardem who was supposed to be in that not crowe. so who knows?

awhile ago russell was going to do a surfing movie but that got tabled permanently. which is too bad cause i'd love zac to do a cool surfing movie. that is all neither here nor there though really, since that isn't what crowe was looking at the headshots for.
Beejeezbee on June 22nd, 2011 12:34 am (UTC)
That was my thought as well... I sure hope that's not Zac's official headshot because it's old as hell. He doesn't look like that anymore at all.
hunny miss (aka lets fead him to the gators)ehs_wildcats on June 22nd, 2011 12:13 am (UTC)
i think i showed calcified and was like 'don't hate him cause he's beautiful russell.'

i should've posted it but there weren't any good pics of him looking at zac's photo at that point.

i will post now. are there more pics?
redundancy is not elaborationthelightisdim on June 22nd, 2011 12:15 am (UTC)
Well, there are pics of him looking at other ~resumes but this is the only one that shows Zac's picture.