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Roundup - Ohio?, Magazine stuffs, MAOW financials, His foot...

In Ohio, apparently:

ETA from FF:

TBH, I'm confused by this. I mean, I get that he's supposedly there on the set of Josh Radnor's film Liberal Arts and I feel like with this many sightings it is probably him (as opposed to the George Clooney in Abita Springs rumor)... but based on the project and summary, I don't really get what role there is for him or why he would take it, unless it is a special cameo or something? Or is he just visiting or meeting someone? IDK, it is so random. I guess we'll have to wait and see if anything comes of it.

Miscellaneous Magazine Lists/Votes

People's Hottest Bodies 2011 - Hollywood's Beach Bodies Bingo

People's Hottest Bodies 2011 - Sneak Peak

Glamour UK Sexiest Men Vote, Vote here.

MAOW's Financial Assessment

No big surprise but MAOW lost money for the Isle of Man... From IOM Today
Figures released by Treasury Minister Anne Craine in the Keys show that of the investments totalling £33,887,401 had been made by CinemaNX, by far the biggest sum – £11,723,782 – had gone on the production of Me and Orson Welles, starring Zac Efron and released in December 2009.

But the same movie also accounted for the biggest investment write-off – £7,599,980 out of total write-offs of £10,575,577.

Receipts totalling £1,936,857 had been made from Me and Orson Welles.


Jason Sudeikis likes Zac's foot

On choosing whether he'd rather suck Zac's foot or kiss Jon Hamm... from Playboy Magazine via
"They're both equally hairy," Jason responded. "But I will say that Efron's foot is a delight. All those Disney kids have real clean feet. I'm not a dummy. I'm going to put only a real clean foot in my mouth. And I'll tell you what, it taste [sic] a lot like Ben Kingsley's foot."

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