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Already known but Zac's a nice tipper

I have mixed feelings about posting this tbh... because I think it is gross that whoever from The Hard Rock sold the receipt to TMZ but screw it. It's a nice enough story (though not the first time we've heard of him tipping very handsomely). And it's a happy story so here it is.

His friend/co-worker - not his manager, Jason, who got married in October 2008 and, even by Hollywood standards, I doubt is a big enough cad to already be remarrying (especially considering Variety announced he and his wife had a baby last summer) - got married this weekend in the San Diego area. They had a party the night before the wedding and Zac gave the servers a nice tip.

And this is how they repay his kindness. For shame Hard Rock.

For shame.

Tags: nice guy, side-eyeing the source
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