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Comments on The Lucky One Screening

On top of just being very busy dealing with life, it's taken me awhile to synthesize the info I've gotten on the screening of The Lucky One that happened a couple Wednesdays ago.

One person who went was pretty meh on the whole thing (did not hate it but was underwhelmed). Another liked it (and liked it better than the book) but had some issues. And then there are the glowing (sometimes questionable tbh) reports from Twitter and elsewhere.

So... idk, I did my best to try and find the middle-ground and incorporate both the positive and negative things I've heard. Hopefully this gives us a well-rounded idea of what to expect.

And if you are wondering, there are SPOILERS here, but if you've read the book, not much is that spoilerish.

Things to get out of the way...

As Mike O'Donnell would say, ~Making Love~ scenes

There were basically three scenes, all differing from the book, and most thought they were good and hot. One is kind of a shower scene in an outbuilding thingee (idk he's cleaning up and she attacks him, lol), a montage following the shower scene and then a later second montage. I don't know if I think it is necessary to go into more details than that. I can add he apparently has another tattoo and has skillz at removing bras one-handed. See 'Dat Ass' for coverage of that side of things. Oh there is also one almost-sex-scene where Logan basically gets to third base on a chair in the attic.

A lot of people agree it seemed more R-rated than PG-13. So don't be surprised if they cut out some of this stuff to achieve a PG-13.

Dat Ass

Plenty of ass through wet clothes shots (well maybe not enough for some people who are just waiting for his porn film). In the love scenes his ass makes a half-moon appearance (his underwear pulled down a bit) and it also appears in the montage that follows.

One person (who shall remain nameless to protect their idk what, certainly not innocence, lol) said, "It is glorious." They said it in all caps. I feel a bit pervy writing it that way, especially knowing how many people are so overly interested in this aspect of the film. But there you have it.

And while I wish that his ass wasn't going to be the focus of the film, I know exactly what people, specifically ONTD, will want and I'm prepared to make gifs.

p.s. as promised:

Dat Body

As a continuation of 'Dat Ass'... I know a number of people were uncomfortable and/or worried about the weight gain. But it really benefits his ass so was well-worth it.

And on top of that, it really looks okay on film apparently. It does not come off as he hit the Twinkies too hard. It's all muscle. To quote, "His stomach is still flat as a board - that's obvious when he's shirtless/in boxer briefs and when he's lifting... He really got into amazing shape."

Basically he looks like a Marine, actually bigger than some of the other "Marines" I guess even, so maybe gaining sooo much weight wasn't necessary. But at least it sounds like it does him no harm. And his look makes him more accessible... not less handsome exactly but just more rugged. Guys will not find him so "pretty" which at this point in the game is a good change-up for his image I think.

Dem Arms

Look great. He is clearly very strong, and lifts Beth with one hand in a couple scenes and "you can tell if he hit someone it would hurt them." This is a far cry from the lulz quote Brittany Snow gave about him dropping her a few times during Hairspray filming, when he was not quite so strong.

Beth can't help but ogle his arms in one scene, much to the amusement of her mom.

Moving on...


Zac I was really confused on, based on feedback I got.

On the one hand, he was described as stone-faced and monosyllabic. But that is what Logan is in the book. So he is doing his character.

But I also wonder if this won't end up a bit like the critics who felt he was just vacuously staring a lot in Charlie St. Cloud and unable to hold the weight of the film with just his face. This is something I personally did not agree with when I saw CStC where, yes he was staring, but it wasn't empty... there were things going on in his head and I could tell.

Actually critics also mentioned something like this regarding Me and Orson Welles. In MAOW it was an issue. At this point, it was partially Zac's inexperience and partially the fault of the written character (as it is in TLO). But since I saw growth to CStC where I felt he "stared" better, I am hoping I see even more growth and feel the same about TLO.

I was encouraged though by other people who felt he wasn't stone-faced. He is quiet and reserved as his character is passive more than active, but he's always present. And he is definitely cute with the dogs and Ben.

Overall Zac does well, works it as a Marine and protector. It is a departure from previous roles and doesn't cross over. He gets to be more romantic and more of a seducer. And of course he gets to carry a weapon. His acting doesn't feel forced and he once again abandons Zac-isms for his character (minus one noted little move when he's playing with Ben). This is a step I felt he first achieved with CStC and I am glad to hear he continues this progress in his growth as an actor.

There are other people in this movie?

In general the casting for the movie was good, good chemistry, etc.

Blythe is to be loved and is precious. She provides much of the humor and is in it more than Kim was in CStC but still not enough.

Riley, as Ben, has good chemistry with Taylor and with Zac. The scenes with Zac are very sweet.

Zeus has fewer scenes than in the book. In general though Zac works really well with all the dogs and, like the scenes with Ben, these are very cute too.

Taylor is beautiful and has a beautiful wardrobe. She also makes Beth more likeable than the book Beth. There are mixed opinions on how old she comes off as and whether it works against Zac who some felt looked his stated 25 and others felt looked too young.

One felt Taylor was very good and holds her role down well, which is necessary cause her storyline is kind of the center of the film. Another felt that she was okay but was sometimes inconsistent or flat. Her chemistry was pretty good with Zac though.

Jay as Keith was a good asshole. He and Zac have a convincing rivalry.

The Not-so-Good

These things were noted pretty much across the board as weak.

War Scenes: Poorly set-up and edited. Confusing with the dimness and the strobe-like gunfire. One person jokingly said, "I didn't know if they were in a club or Iraq." VERY ineffective. (Oh and p.s. Robert "I love to Twitter" Hayes is in the film for probably <60 secs, so....... yeah.)

Death Scene: Lame and rushed! Just as badly rushed as Tess' wrap-up in CStC. Definitely a change-for-the-worse from the book version (and imo, that was already pretty bad and rushed).

There are also a few cheesy and cringe-worthy lines.

The above really, really sound like they need to be fixed with reshoots or ADR.

Other less-fixable issues...

Logan is a bit empty. As I mentioned above, under 'Zac', he is an observer mostly. That is how he was in the book and how he is in the movie and it is still problematic. He plays the observer better here than he did when he was younger (i.e. the aforementioned MAOW) but he also doesn't really have that much to do that's DEEP and so can't really pop. This by no means makes him bad in the role, but will probably generate some criticism in the press.

Side note: I am actually worried about this in The Paperboy as well, where Jack as a character is noted in book reviews (and in my own reading so far) as more of a passive storyteller. He is active at times, but often is just the fly on the wall and this is Zac's weakest (but always improving) skill. I think the people he's worked with or will make the roles worth it still, but I would like to see Zac in more active roles and hopefully his role in the Bahrani film fills that description.

They actually do deal a bit with his PTSD in the film (hooray!) but you are still really left in the dark about it. Obviously he was in the war and exhibits some PTSD symptoms when he returns to his sister's house to pick up Zeus, but it isn't set up well and it isn't explored enough. Basically they don't really address the PTSD or whether he gets help for it after he leaves his sister's. He still clearly gets frustrated or anxious but it's just there and undeveloped.

One last thing, the piano is made to seem significant but never really goes anywhere. And there is NO piano seksi tiems which personally I am VERY disappointed in, lol.

One Fav Bit to End With

There is a scene I guess where Beth is complaining about Logan to her mom, not knowing that he is in the room hearing her. He's chill about that though when she realizes he's there, but then they discuss him not being in school and she's kind of giving him a hard time about only going to college for one year. He says though that he likes philosophy and she challenges him to quote something. So he does. She is convinced it is Voltaire. But he's like "LOL, it's Dr. Seuss."
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