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New/Old sighting + H.O.M.E. Foundation event tonight

It's been awhile since we've had a pic so I'm gonna go ahead and post this semi-newish/oldish* twitter sighting of Zac at Grub (which catered the LAFH awards btw):

*I say oldish cause it was posted earlier on May 21 when he was reportedly (by multiple people) in Northern California, so who knows when it actually happened. ~the end~

Also posted that Zac is to appear at the Celebrity Casino Royale for the H.O.M.E. Foundation tonight in support of i2y. They didn't say a specific source, but I've heard the same info from elsewhere, or at least I heard that he is hopefully going to be there. He's had a lot more practice at poker, so hopefully that goes better than Madden NFL did for him, lol.

I have a couple other posts to make in the next couple days, one on the TLO screening from Wednesday and one just about life, lol. So some things to look for soon.
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