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Variety Announcement for the Bahrani Pic

I have been crossing my fingers he could work out timing to do both The Paperboy and this pic, since this director is pretty cool too.

From Variety:
Dennis Quaid and Zac Efron have boarded an untitled Ramin Bahrani pic, which London-based international sales and production outfit Bankside Films is shopping in Cannes.

Pic, which is to lense in summer, tells the story of a farmer whose manic expansion alienates his sons and devoted wife.

No word on where they will shoot yet however a recent blog entry by a staff member at Killer Films made a point that they needed to get financing together quickly because:
The film is set in heartland America amongst the corn fields – they need to be filming in a couple of months when there is corn.

So maybe some filming in the corn belt somewhere? jeezbee suggested perhaps Illinois since it has an excellent tax incentive program. We'll see soon I guess :)
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