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Autism Fundraiser in SLO, cameo by Jamba banana dude

Zac helped out at the Third Annual Fair and Walk for Autism in SLO this weekend. The event benefits the Central Coast Autism Spectrum Center.

From KSBY:

Dozens of Central Coast families took over Downtown San Luis Obispo on Sunday for the annual Walk for Autism...

And adding to the special day, celebrity guest, Zach [sic] Efron, who signed autographs and offered some extra motivation to all the walkers.

Video from KSBY (with same commentary as article); Zac is ~1:32:

From Shutter Booth (first one from their FB):

^instead of a tattoo, he should've just dyed his hair that purple

^with facial hair, he looks so incongruous in a pic with kids, esp here...
like a college dude on spring break photoshopped into some kid's fb photo

^ditto above except here a college creeper

^still creepstery + girl on right can't be bothered, she's just lovin' her jamba

From FB:

From MrsHoneyJawn:

^icu bro, icu banana
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