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An interview with "Snabba Cash" author Jens Lapidus & a NYE tidbit

The original Swedish film version of Easy Money (aka Snabba Cash) is getting released this week in France. As part of the promotion the book author Jens Lapidus also talked to the French press. He mentioned the US remake and Zac in his interview with Allociné.

Many thanks to peryne_gl for the proper translation. It's much better than having to rely on Google. :)

"Millenium" and "Morse" have been bought by the Americans who have or are going to do remakes of them. Do you know if “Easy Money” will be adapted on the big screen by the Americans as well?

Actually, Warner Bros just purchased the rights to “Easy Money”. They are currently working on it and Zac Efron will play the role of JW. I think they got interested in this movie because "Avatar" was number one at the box office in every single country, but “Easy Money” was right behind in 2nd place in Sweden, that’s why Hollywood wanted the rights for a remake. They thought: “What’s going on? What is that movie tailgating Avatar in the charts?” Because of that, they took interest in the film and decided to make their own version of it.

Zac Efron? Isn’t JW (brilliantly portrayed by Joel Kinnaman) too dark and complex of a character in comparison to what Zac Efron usually does?

It’s true that Zac Efron is viewed as the nice boy that all the teenage girls love, and he couldn’t be more different than JW, personality wise. But that’s exactly why Warner Bros chose him. I think it’s also Zac’s wish to break out of his clean-cut image a bit. To play such a complex and serious character like JW is a real challenge for him and I think that it’s what he’s looking for right now.

Frosty from Collider also wrote about all the footage WB has been showing at CinemaCon this week. It includes a brief mention of NYE & Zac:

New Year’s Eve – A montage of short moments in the movie. Definitely saw Zac Efron dancing. Mostly focused on all the stars in the film.
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