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One more NYE spoiler

Hollywood Life has a new article up with a few spoilers for New Year's Eve. Mostly stuff we've already known, however it has one new detail:

We’ve already seen Michelle Pfeiffer and Zac Efron scooting around NYC together but Zac stayed mum when asked about their specific plotline. We can reveal that although Zac and Michelle do kiss (when the clock strikes midnight of course), it’s not a cougar relationship like you may think.

Michelle plays Ingrid, a “nondescript” secretary in her 50s who quits her job and tries to fulfill her New Year’s resolutions before midnight. She hires bike messenger Paul (Zac) to help her for the day. He ends up giving her a sweet, platonic kiss to help her complete her list of things to do before the year is over.

There are a few more spoilers for other sub-plots in their article here. They basically match what we got through trade announcements and from Pajiba's article last month with a few new details thrown in. Considering that the other details from their article are accurate and based on the plot, other info we know and what we got from set, I think the kiss is very likely true.
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