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TLO Score Info

From the blog Film Music Reporter:
Film Music Reporter has learned that composer Hal Lindes is currently writing the score for the upcoming drama The Lucky One...

[The Lucky One] is directed by Scott Hicks who collaborated with Lindes on his last movie, The Boys Are Back...

If you haven't seen The Boys Are Back, I think it really is quite good. And I don't just say that because a fair bit of it was shot right down the road from my dad's home near Adelaide.

True Story: One of the hallucinations I had as I was coming off the crazy drugs they had me on to keep me out of it when I was sick involved hanging out at Scott Hicks' house with him and a bunch of random people in South Australia while I was visiting my dad. I don't remember what we were talking about... I don't actually think it was TLO but still... that Zac Efron, finding a way to invade even my hallucinations, I swear to God, lol.
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