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hunny miss (aka lets fead him to the gators)

Out for brunch again, Imogene & TLO

Zac was having brunch at BLD on Thursday (Mar 10).

1, 2

His face was getting better and he was losing the chubs/bloat but 5 days back in LA and it's on the rise again? The contrast with the earlier photoshoot pics is really not pretty. :/

The Playlist was interviewing Kristin Wiig for Paul promo and they also talked about Imogene - a project Zac was rumored for end last year, and they addressed casting:

“We’re trying to get financing for it, I hope it all works out. We have to kind of get things organized quickly. It’s looking good for summer but I don’t want to jinx it.” For now, any official casting/attachments remains under-wraps and any tracking board rumors you may have read are (as they usually can be) wrong (we asked).

Nicholas Sparks also tweeted last night about TLO:

With the first cut done, WB should now have an idea how the movie will come out and hopefully the necessary info to determine a release date.
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