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Mar 9th
07:21 pm
1st day on NYE set - Oompa Loompa edition  
The photographers went crazy on the first day on set of NYE (Feb 23). Unfortunately, the make-up artist of the film went crazy too.

Arriving on set

Leaving the make-up trailer... soooooo much orange. :/

^ as if the orange wasn't bad enough, they had to add the green...

Walking to the set

Running around the set, rehearsing scenes, getting fixed and, you know, filming.

^ smelling something?

^ side-eyeing that camera...

^ now with levitating helmet

^ the guy in the background... lol

^ bless you

Posing with fans and leaving the set after a long day

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Beejeezbee on March 10th, 2011 03:05 pm (UTC)
im not really a fan of his

This is exactly one of the reasons why your comments are rude and annoying. We criticize because we care and that doesn't make us less of a fan. Or as Damon Lindelof said a while ago better than I could in reference to his criticism of Harry Potter:

But there is a point to all this. That point is this:

I still love Harry Potter. Deeply and profoundly. [...]

My point is that I'm still a fan. A huge fan. Huge.

And so I sincerely and genuinely apologize to all those whom I have stripped of their Lost fandom just for complaining about the stuff you didn't like. It doesn't make you any less a fan. In fact…

It just makes you honest.

The other reason why most of your comments aren't appreciated is the intend behind them.

Your comments frequently bring up things only to create controversy (and are often off topic on top of it), post unnecessary rumors which have no source or credibility (the Teresa Palmer comment from yesterday was just one example) or to criticize only for the purpose of making a negative comment without a justifiable motivation behind it.

If you want to post on this journal, you're expected to show a basic understanding of common sense, intelligence and interest. You can spread your misguided ideas/arguments on twitter but not here.

Since you're not a fan of Zac by your own admission, please refrain from posting here in the future then.