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Script recap for 'Charlie Countryman' - spoilers

Hollywood Life decided to put up a full script review for "The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman." I don't get why they would do script reviews but I guess as long as they can sensationalize it, it'll get them webhits. And since this script is certainly something which doesn't fit Zac's goody-two-shoes image...

From what I can tell the article is more or less accurate (for the 2007 Black List script version).

Obviously, the article is full of massive spoilers, so enter at your own risk. :)

Plot: Zac plays Charlie Countryman, a guy in his 20s who has to take his mother off life support after she slips into a coma. Throughout the movie Charlie pops pills and does ecstasy, both of which make him hallucinate. While hallucinating, the spirit of his mother, Mary, tells him to travel to Bucharest, Romania. On his flight to Budapest, Hungary where he is supposed to connect to his flight to Bucharest, the man next to him dies. The spirit of that man asks him to find his daughter Gabi, and deliver a Chicago Cubs batting helmet to her. Charlie falls in love with Gabi, a Hungarian heroin addict cello player and former stripper, whose ex-husband Nigel physically and sexually abuses her. Nigel is also a crime boss, who is fighting with another crime boss Draco over a tape of him committing genocide. Charlie tries to save Gabi from Nigel multiple times, to his detriment, and the movie is about the physical and emotional challenges he faces in the name of love. 

Memorable Moments:

  • Gabi shoots Charlie in the opening scene, where he is held dangling over a bridge by two thugs
  • Charlie drops F-bombs throughout the film, gets tased, does ecstasy multiple times, gets hit by a taxi, and has sex with two different girls
  • Charlie and two of his friends, one of whom is a male porn star, go to a strip club and can’t afford their bill so they are threatened by Draco, the club manager
  • Charlie gets upset when a Hungarian gas station attendant says he doesn’t speak English and Charlie holds a gun up to his head to force him to speak. He is caught on tape terrorizing the attendant, and then goes to jail for it
  • Gabi, the girl Charlie is in love with, is holding a genoicde tape hostage from Nigel and Draco’s thugs in order to use it for blackmail
  • Nigel, Gabi’s ex-husband, rapes Gabi after drugging her with heroin, and tapes Charlie’s eyes open so he is forced to watch as torture

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