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Aug 27th
07:32 am
Grain of salt needed: X17 claims Zac Efron ran over someone's foot.  
Do not bother going to X17 to watch their video cause I'll summarize it for you and save you the trouble of frequenting their idiot site:

Zac is driving in his gym's garage and has his window down and a paparazzi tells him he ran over someone's foot, he does not react.

The End.

They do not show him running over this person's (presumably also a paparazzi) foot.

No pics, no proof. And you'd think, being paparazzi, they'd have a pic.

Personally I think they are just trying to get under his skin. He's said before they will say anything, including insulting his family, to get him to react. Why not claim he ran over someone's foot?

To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if he did eventually run over someone's foot because the way the paparazzi crowd his car sometimes is awful. If I were, god forbid, a paparazzi, I would consider it a hazard of the trade. I would not blame the star who did it.

Wait, are the paparazzi even allowed to be in the garage of his gym? Isn't that private property?
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