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Article on TLO in Scene Weekly Mag

There is an interview with Ravi Mehta, WB's senior VP of production, in this week's Scene Weekly from Louisiana.

I'm not posting the whole thing cause a bit of it is quite boring about the problems with trying to film in North Carolina due to budget restrictions. And there is a whole bit about Jonah Hex, as if anyone thinks that movie is worth discussing.

But the interesting info is that they rewrote the script to be set in the fictional town of Hamden, Louisiana.

I wonder how many Sparks fans and North Carolinians are going to be bitter about this.

Q: And though the film was originally set in Nicholas Spark’s home state of North Carolina, it was then rewritten for a town in Louisiana?

A: That was one of the first things that changed. We came here and we did an initial creative scout and thought, “Why fight it? Let’s embrace it. Let’s just set it in Louisana.” It’s a romance story, right? So, it doesn’t have to be in the Carolinas. So we re-set it and now it plays for a small town in Louisiana.

Q: Is it scripted for any town in particular?

A: It’s scripted for Hamden. I don’t know if there really is a Hamden or if it’s a fictitious name. But it’s supposed to be a little piece of Americana, y’know? The challenge, since it’s rural America, is that we still wanted to base out of New Orleans. And a huge compliment to and a huge benefit of New Orleans is that it doesn’t look like most areas. If you travel to the other forty-nine states and turn the corner, you get a strip mall and Starbucks and you’re like, “There’s no difference, everything looks the same.”

But this is like a culture in and of itself. It’s like being in another country right here in the United States. Though that is a positive, it made it a challenge in this movie, because basing out of New Orleans but having this rural Americana look required us to travel. We were traveling almost an hour per day as a city. We based out of Second Line Stages and we don’t have [a lot of] stage work, so we’ve been trekking to get away from the very distinct New Orleans look. Which is a compliment to the city, but it just makes it challenging in this particular movie. We didn’t want to play it as New Orleans, because part of the magic of the characters is the female lead is, not really isolated, but she’s not in the hubbub of the big city. So when the lead character comes into town, it all makes sense that it’s small town America.

You can download the whole thing here.
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