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News Roundup - Way old CStC, Another HOME Video, no ESPN party?

Random old CStC Video/Story

I keep watching this and going, "Is this really happening? LOLLLLL."

And a short story from J-14 by Lenay Dunn who must've met Zac during NY press stuff:

Lenay says the coolest celeb she's met so far was Zac Efron. "I went sailing with Zac last summer and he taught me how to sail!" she tells J-14. "It was pretty cool. He was super nice -- and he had longer eyelashes than I do!"

Also, I know the ever-reliable Hollywood Life had listed Zac on a guest list for the ESPN Sundance party... but they have since deleted that and reposted it minus his name. So maybe that means he isn't going... maybe not... who knows? But I guess if he does, I hope maybe his dad can go too so they can get out and enjoy the snow like they did in Aspen.
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