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He went to the Lakers tonight apparently. Twitter don't care about you Z. Or they don't recognize you? I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Pics later... as in tomorrow cause I have to get more than four hours of sleep tonight.

But in the meantime, while we are talking Lakers, this made me lol (partially in horror):

In the lead-up to the second anniversary of President Barack Obama’s inauguration, seven in ten (72%) American teens say they know (40% very well/32% somewhat well) of President Barack Obama, according to a new Ipsos Public Affairs poll conducted via its newly-launched teen omnibus. Perhaps dispelling the notion that American youth are not engaged or knowledgeable about politics, the data reveal that the President is the most well known public figure among those studied.

Despite the immense coverage of many celebrities and other public figures through teen-dominated social media outlets, many celebrities believed to be well known actually scored lower in awareness among teens. Coming in second place in terms of awareness among American teens is country singer Taylor Swift (68%) and in third place is [deceased] civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. (62%). Following closely is talk show host Oprah Winfrey (52%), actor Zac Efron (52%), NBA star Kobe Bryant (40%), Vice President Joe Biden (26%) and Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg (14%).

Loling cause I am surprised he is more well-known than Kobe but I am sad that 3 of 10 teens do not seem to know of our president... --- ... :/

Also another H.O.M.E. Video

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