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At Work + Two BTS TLO Pics + More from Marc Malkin + Charity gaming deets

This guy needs to be in ALL pictures from now on:

Maybe he can be Zac's spirit guide...

omg your chucks, swoon...

more/bigger at 1 and 2

Two BTS pics from Scene Magazine

Sorry no Zac really... it was kind of a lame BTS special despite their twitter advertising it would be AWESOME...

A tad more from Marc Malkin on Zac's amazing weight gain...
But he did tell me that he packed on 18 pounds for his role in the recently wrapped The Lucky One, an upcoming drama in which he stars as veteran of the Iraq War. From the looks of things, it's practically all muscle.

He said he wouldn't dare compare his training to what real soldiers go through for combat, but admitted, "I was just eating, eating and eating."

Description of the event tomorrow night from FB:

I can't decide if I want Zac to get his ass whooped by this dude or not.
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