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More Audi Party + I'm Too Young for This! Update


Marc Malkin talks about what Zac told him last night...

Basically Zac gained 18 pounds for TLO. No wonder his ass is so Bet on It big!

Ha btw at this E! article Freshly Shaved Zac Efron: I Miss My Hair!...

He misses his hair,
"Always!" he told me at last night's Audi pre-Golden Globes soiree when I asked if he missed his old 'do, ruefully rubbing his shorn head. "It was kind of my thing."

Kathy is fascinated by his hair,
Kathy Griffin couldn't stop touching the actor's head as they chatted.

He and his not hair are apparently going to the Globes though he didn't know/remember,
He told me that he is indeed attending the Golden Globes next Sunday.
"Someone asked me if I was going and I said no," he explained. "Then my publicist jumped in and said I actually am going, so I am!"

Of course he hung out with Brittany a lot... Sophia Bush was with them too per papz pics from outside. Brittany's dress and bag are visible but idk why they didn't include her in the photos. Per several twitter/fbs he was seen at The Abbey later, one guy said with two girls so I'm assuming it was Brittany and Sophia (apparently this is confirmed by jj). It may have been some sort of after-party cause other people from Cecconi's were there too.


eta: Adam Shankman was there chatting with them also per LA Times.

Cool Update on Zac and I'm Too Young for This!

Per zaangels, Zac is going to be at the Home Foundation’s Celebrity Video Game Championship on Tuesday participating on behalf of I'm Too Young for This!, the charity that supports young adults battling cancer.

Good use of yer skillz and love of xbox Zefron

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