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Snabba Cash Variety article...

Nothing really new but the article outlines how Snabba Cash developed in Sweden and how US studios took interest and includes quotes from producer Fredrik Wikstrom. Excerpts regarding the US remake:

Swedish producer prints 'Cash' in H'wood
Warners sets remake of pic based on Scandi crime novel

..."Snabba Cash" began generating a buzz in Hollywood when Wikstrom put an early trailer online highlighting the plot -- a poor college student poses as wealthy, but when he falls for a rich girl, he gets involved in organized crime to keep up the pretense. Soon, the studios started calling.

"I always had in mind the film's remake potential -- its subject matter is really original -- but I imagined I would have to fly to Hollywood myself and tote a DVD around," Wikstrom recalls.

Wikstrom got a lawyer and found himself flying out to Los Angeles for meetings with Hollywood producers and execs before sparking a bidding war that ended with a deal with Warner Bros. for "The Dark Night" producer Chuck Roven.

Wikstrom, who is among the producers for the U.S. remake, which will star Zac Efron, says he chose the WB deal because "they were all so passionate about the film."

The article mentions the script is in development and, in fact, a completed draft landed on the 2010 Black List. The article also states that WB plans to start production next year and the studio has options on the two planned novel sequels (given the first film is made). The timing fits with the clause that said something like they have to start production within two years of the deal being made (April 2010).

Read the full article at Variety.
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