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To be honest...

I don't know how much of this relationship news I will report. For one thing, it has never been my focus here. Further in many ways these stories and having public discussion on them makes me uncomfortable.

So many stories are speculation, half-truths or just plain fake. It makes me weary to give them much attention or credence by posting. On top of that, not to state the obvious but, it is a private relationship. The boundary for that is hard to distinguish with public figures sometimes but I hesitate on something so personal.

It can be very painful knowing that people, most of whom don't have but a fraction of the details, are dissecting or judging your private life... even if they have the best of intentions. I don't want to put myself on a pedestal because I've struggled with this even when posting news, pictures or comments about Zac alone and there are things I look back at and know I wouldn't post now. But I think we should proceed with caution especially in this case. I imagine it is most difficult about relationships because to me they are so cherished and so very, very complicated. How can we make predictions when they themselves may not even know for sure what the future holds?

Certainly it is natural to wonder why and to hope for the best, but still I feel there is just not much that we should be discussing here (or encouraging gossip sites to discuss by clicking on their stories) out of respect and understanding. Just let them be and we'll see what unfolds in time... hopefully, together or apart, it will be happiness for both.
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