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TLO Cast and Crew Philanthropy

By Mike Scott, The Times-Picayune (Read the whole article at
In addition to visiting the gym regularly to bulk up for the role and growing a dashing chin of stubble, Efron had his hair trimmed in a military-style buzzcut.

That got him thinking: Why should he be the only one making tonsorial sacrifices for the film?

So he made a deal with the crew last week: For every crew member who also shaved his or her head, Efron would donate cash to Kingsley House.

By the time the shears had stopped, some 30 crew members had put themselves on the chopping block, including two women whose lengthy castoffs were donated to Locks of Love, the national organization that makes wigs for sick children.

Kingsley House is an organization that provides counseling and a variety services for the children and families of Southern Louisiana, from Head Start to Health Care for All to the Magic Johnson Foundation/HP Technology Center which provides free computer access.

Other outreach Zac and the cast/crew took part in:

  • Two Make a Wish kids came to set to meet Zac plus ofc all the typical after wrap autographs.

  • The film is "donating 300 plants used in the film -- azaleas, ligustrums, bamboo, juniper -- to Growing Home NOLA, which is dedicated to helping landscape lots left vacant by Hurricane Katrina."

  • Taylor Schilling (who stars as Beth), "joined a litany of local figures -- including Bryan Batt, John "Spud" McConnell, Garland Robinette and Bobby Hebert -- in reading stories for the nonprofit radio station WBRH 88.3 FM, Radio for the Blind and Print Handicapped."

  • Blythe Danner (who stars as the mother of Beth), did a masterclass with students at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts.

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