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Typical and not unexpected gossip....

I hesitate to even post this because obviously it is Ted's job to exaggerate for clicks. Please keep that in mind and don't give him the satisfaction of letting it get to you.

Most of this is like obvious fact is obvious. And of course some things are just wrong (like Zac has actually already hung out with Miley).

So stuff from 'source', cutting out repetitious info/not true info/speculative info from Ted meant to incite reaction:
"[Taylor Schilling and Zac] joke around, eat together sometimes, run lines," says our insider, who insists, however, that the relaysh has not yet turned romantic. Or, as the source puts it, "Nothing out of the ordinary..."

As for how Efron is spending his nights? Seems Zac is mingling with "the Twilight guys" and has become good buds with Kellan's crew.

"They are a rowdy bunch, and I think that's influenced him to want to be free," adds our on set insider.

Zac is generally very nice to people on set from crew to costars to extras to fans... and has always hung out with some off-set and still does. And I've been really impressed actually that despite being in a stressful situation he's handled himself well and still takes pics with fans, etc.

I don't know that he really has hung out with any of the Twilight people or Kellan that much, let's not forget they are all working. TLO has been in podunk towns and has had some night shoots. And of course, Twilight and Battleship are/were filming in Baton Rouge (not far at all, but again I'm sure they keep busy). I do think his friends influenced Zac but I don't think that had much to do with him wanting freedom thus ending the relationship. And, I don't know Taylor at all, but she seems smarter than to get in a relationship with Zac and what he's dealing with right now.

Admittedly, I don't know where Zac will go next, relationship or otherwise. But whatever the case, even though he's had to focus on work which might have numbed him or taken his mind off of this temporarily... I really hope that he takes some time when he's done filming and spends it at home with family and uses it to reflect on himself and this huge change in his life.

eta: Gossip Cop: Zac Efron Dating Taylor Schilling?
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