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He's in talks for New Years Eve...

Yup, this again, but I guess 'status: likely' at this point.

At least it is not the role I think we hypothesized earlier. So instead of macking on Lea, it seems his character might end up macking on Michelle Pfeiffer... no offense but that's an upgrade. I'm starting to wonder though after 17 Again, MAOW and TLO - is there a word for young dudes who go after cougars always? (I mean aside from maybe saying he's an Ashton?)

From THR:

Sarah Jessica Parker is set to join New Line's New Year's Eve, while Halle Berry... and Zac Efron are in negotiations to also join the all-star cast...

If a deal makes [lollll], Berry will play a caterer who runs into a former flame. Efron is on track to play a bike messenger who ends up trying to fulfill Pfeiffer’s New Year’s Eve resolutions in exchange for tickets to a big party...

[It] was initially to shoot mid-December but is now eyeing a Feb. 1 start in New York.

Here's my deal. Admittedly this cast has more credibility than the last (sort-of). And I actually think it might be for the best to keep working cause he seems more focused then (even if this is only two weeks work or so). And maybe it will end up a critically acclaimed film and he'll impress as a JGL/Premium Rush clone inserted in a rom-com... But to do it after turning down the first seems like admitting defeat somehow. But maybe he needs to embrace such humility at this point.
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