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Dec 13th
10:50 am
Black List Mentions of Zac-related projects  
Easy Money (Snabba Cash remake) had 7 votes and Die in a Gunfight had 18.

And it gave us a new logline for Easy Money: “Based on the film Snabba Cash, a business school student with substantial ambition works in strategy for a New York City criminal enterprise.

The Black List, in a lot of ways, is more about how many people see the scripts and like them before voting rather than a list based on everyone reading the same thing and voting on quality. So basically scripts that are most widely circulated do tend to get more votes... which may explain why Easy Money has only 7 votes but should be a really good script (given the source and scriptwriter).

Other projects we think might be interesting for Zac: All You Need is Kill, 999, Your Bridesmaid is a Bitch, Get a Job and The 13th Man.

From blcklst.com
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Bee: I approve this messagejeezbee on December 13th, 2010 06:06 pm (UTC)
This is all really great news for Zac.

I assume they read a rewrite for DIAG. And the Snabba Cash logline reads very differently from the original... that doesn't have to be bad, just saying that it's different. We'll find out when the script leaks.

I had my eyes on All You Need Is Kill every since it was announced. I liked the script a lot (more than I though) and I think Zac would be actually a good choice for the lead character. The only downside is that there are already a lot of alien invasion movies in production but otherwise it's very interesting and Doug Liman as director isn't too bad either.