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TLO Updates - Music and Marines

Adelaide Now has a story about how local band Mayfield will be appearing in The Lucky One (and how they got the job):
The three-piece band will star as themselves in the latest Nicholas Sparks film adaptation, The Lucky One, and bassist Jett, the son of director Scott Hicks, says his father has some advice.

"Shut up and listen to the director," Jett says with a laugh...

The band features as one of the acts who entertain the troops. After an arduous year touring around Europe, Jett says the boys - which includes Ziggy West on guitar and Sam Knight on drums - are excited to be taking on another medium.

According to the article they left today for New Orleans.

This guy, Robert Hayes, has been twittering non-stop (tbh maybe too much? I hope he doesn't get in trouble) about working on The Lucky One with Zac. He says he is playing Victor, Logan's best friend.

Apparently they have been rehearsing and he posted a few pics.

^two other cast members playing Marines
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