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Zac went to the Saints game + possible dates for DIAG?

A few people said he was in a suite with Miley and idk if we'll get pics from there...

But he was caught outside the game (from fb):

I love this comment on the pic by the woman's husband:

Makes me think of this excellent chart:

Also last night this hip hop emcee/several other things named PattyDukes posted on her twitter:

Unless it is about a new project, I am guessing this is about 'Die in a Gunfight' since the writers are young and from NYU and the story is set in New York. If my guess is right, that plus the recent movement on the project might mean her comments aren't too far off the mark. But of course, nothing is a sure thing until it starts filming.

ETA +1

From karimarbrown:

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