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Roundup - some New Orleans fanpics, HQ b-ball pics, Anakin pic...

Busy with the end of the semester, but I wanted to post a few of fanpics from the game/New Orleans and the HQs... and an Anakin pic from RC:SW.



FB (sans silly tags):


So Zac's dad did go! :) The other dude was Burr's assistant on 17 Again and cstc. He's not listed for tlo (yet), but perhaps he is Zac's assistant this time around.

Oh, almost forgot... mention (not from the restaurant above idt):


1, 2
and if you want them even bigger (but hideously tagged) go here

RC:SW Anakin


And since Zef himself is as elusive as that super 8 viral pr monster caught on camera in a Louisiana bayou, have and a picture of a tlo sign in Slidell instead... from moggie988:

They are almost done filming there it sounds like...
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