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Roundup - Robot Chicken, hints at possible TLO date?, another CSTC interview

OK first off a few Robot Chicken things...

Per his website, Seth Green is going to be promoting Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III on The Daily Show tonight (see his on stage twitpic) and on The View on Thursday. Since his mancrush doesn't seem to have cooled off at all, there is certainly a possibility Seth might mention Zac.

Plus, another trailer, ghettocammed by some random, was twittered by Matt Senreich...

TLO tidbits

Nicholas Sparks recently twittered this:

And the other day I happened across this article which discusses Sparks' visit to a local author series in the Houston area and it included the following which seems to have possibly come from comments made by Sparks:

“The Lucky One” is currently filming for release in fall 2011...

So even though they neglected to include it in their recently released 2011 preview, I do hope that is what WB is aiming for in terms of a release date.

As he mentioned also, filming should be wrapping on the 21st, though I think Blythe has already wrapped (by the by, she's actually on Jimmy Fallon's show on the 17th so maybe she'll mention Zac or TLO). The other leads should wrap by the 14th and Zac will finish up with the war scenes by the 21st.

Also, per several twitter people, there will be a set visit happening this week, so maybe we'll get something to talk about out of that. That would be nice.

A couple last things

An older CSTC junket interview
It has been making the rounds, so you've probably seen it already but for the record:

source via YT

Zac is on the 'Autograph Collectors Daily - Top 10 Celebrity Signers in 2010' list.

He came in at number two, after George Clooney. See the full list here.

[The list] was complied entirely from information provided to us from collectors and dealers worldwide. Celebrities from all entertainment genres were considered (movies, TV, sports, theater, etc.). Also, The personality and attitude of the signer were taken into consideration. Signing locations were not limited to specific areas...

2. Zac Efron - 2010 was a big year for Zac Efron. He was a very close 2nd and was a favorite of many of our runners and in-person collectors.

It is nice to see him be recognized for being a cool dude to fans and even to slightly gross professional autograph hunters.
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