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Robot Chicken stuffs, lol + moviefone mentor + Happy Hanukkah

First off... sorry this is now so late (my ADD was out of control today clearly), but Hanukkah started today and so I wanted to wish everyone who celebrates it a HAPPY HANUKKAH! :D

Jeezbee let me know a few days ago but the Robot Chicken date was apparently incorrectly reported as Dec 12th initially. It is actually airing on Dec 19th:

She also had saved some non-Zac related images of the RC team's work from Seth Green's Twitter, check them out...

I've heard there are ads running during Adult Swim (I think), but I haven't found them online.

However there was a preview shown at Star Wars Celebration V awhile back and I don't think I ever posted that so :D

Anakin at 11:10:

Same as above but a different angle and I think the sound is better... plus it has the intro clips for the first two episodes so if you want to get a feel for the Star Wars specials.

Anakin is at 3:47:

Moviefone's Career Advice, see full article with other young actors here.

ZAC EFRON, meet your role model: JAMES FRANCO

No, we didn't choose Franco because Efron's now sporting a similarly dandy mustache. There are other similarities. Efron, like Franco, is, is too pretty to be taken seriously at first glance. And it's hard to get respect when your first claim to fame is playing a high school student (Efron in the 'High School Musical' franchise and Franco on the little-watched TV series 'Freaks and Geeks').

But Efron has begun to transcend the tween ghetto by bowing out of the 'Footloose' remake and proving himself to be a likable leading man with '17 Again.' From here, he'd be wise to look at the eclectic path taken by Franco: a stoner comedy here, a turn opposite a bankable leading lady there and the occasional prestigious indie (e.g. 'Milk'). Based-on-a-true-story roles might be the way to go, as well: Franco earned a Golden Globe for his acclaimed turn as James Dean in a TV movie, and now he's poised for his first Oscar nomination as hiker Aron Ralston in '127 Hours.'

The good news is that Efron's best notices so far have come from his role in Richard Linklater's 2008 film 'Me and Orson Welles.' And Efron's next movie, 'The Lucky One,' in which he plays an Iraq war veteran, will push him even further out of his comfort zone and into more dramatic territory -- Franco would surely approve.

I don't know how much I agree with this to be honest. I think there are some good ideas here and Zac is already on a more eclectic or versatile path than most of Hollywood's young male stars. I think I said it earlier, but there is something to be said for not being known principally for action films like Shia or what Taylor seems to want... especially since Zac is clearly capable of great physicality.

But ultimately Zac has had much more notoriety than James and the expectations straight out of the gate are much higher. Though at the same time, who knows what Zac wants. Does he want to be Will Smith/Brad Pitt/Johnny Depp or maybe more like Matt Damon? And there is no judgment in that at all, I love Matt Damon and have a lot of respect for him. In fact, I think he is maybe the best role model for Zac on the whole.

And then there is Leo. Whether some people (ie movie nerds) like it or not, a comparison to Leo is reasonable because he has to overcome many similar obstacles to be taken seriously... but it will be even harder for Zac since Leo had much more respect before Titanic. But Zac's also not exactly like Leo given his comedic strengths. And he should take advantage of that of course.

So idk, I could go on but in summary... fundamentally, like Zac himself has said, he can't just imitate anyone move for move. Just like any innovative artwork or product, he can look at the fundamentals that informed and worked in other people's careers but he has to make a synthesis including his own strengths. That plus a bit of luck and of course just working really hard and not fucking up too much and wasting his opportunities... all that should lead him to his own successful career.

~The End~
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