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Article about filming in Abita

Excerpts below but please check out the full article at

Recently, a major movie production for a movie titled “The Lucky One” shot a scene in Abita. They needed a small picturesque wooden church for the scene, and the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church on the corner of Level and Hickory in Abita is about as picturesque as a church building can be...

A four-block area was cordoned off, and an army of production people were moving about like a colony of ants, each knowing their jobs and performing them efficiently as the preparations unfolded. It was not long before movie fans and other curiosity-seekers assembled to observe the process.

A group of high school girls in uniform occupied the tables at the Abita Springs Café across from the church. They probably should have been in school, but, what the heck, it was the last day before the Thanksgiving break, and they would rather hang around to get a glimpse of their current heartthrob, Zac Efron.

His every appearance was accompanied by squeals of delight...

This went on all day and into the night. Various aspects of the scene were taken and re-taken, Efron turned out to be a nice enough guy to take time to visit with his fans, take pictures and sign autographs...

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