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Another project has popped up, lol...

So a couple days ago another project popped up on Zac's SS/BL:

Logline: After her boyfriend dumps her, a woman [Imogene, played by Kristin Wiig] sets out to reinvent herself to never be dumped again.

It is being directed by American Splendor directors Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini.

Per SS/BL, Jesse Eisenberg is connected too. But today further confirmation came when TB posted that three actors were in talks for the project - Zac, Jesse and (somewhat surprisingly) Woody Allen.

My thoughts:

I've read the script (cannot share though, sorry) and the logline is not really that accurate. Basically Imogene, who is kind of a mess anyway, gets dumped and even several months later cannot put it behind her so she fakes an overdose to get her ex to come save her (kind of creepy tbh, lol). That doesn't really work out and she ends up having to stay at her kooky mom's house in New Jersey with her kind of crazy brother [Jesse] who sells crabs at a kiosk in the mall and invents things on the side. Also living there are her mom's "CIA Agent" boyfriend [presumably Woody?] and the young guy [Zac] who rented out the extra room when she said she'd never come home.

I think it is quite funny, a bit wacky like Little Miss Sunshine (but less hipstery) or Burn After Reading (but less dark) and with more romantic relationship elements than either of those. Are there some problems? Yeah, but nothing I think as major as the ones I've seen in other scripts that are on the table... pacing is good, subtext is good, dialogue is good. The wackiness might go too far for some and I think they really should tone down the co-dependence on the ex-boyfriend (I'm especially still not sure how I feel about the fake suicide attempt which is lightened by a fantasy sequence but maybe not enough). But at least it didn't seem too derivative.

Kristin is clearly the lead and all the others supporting about equally. Personally I feel like with a stellar cast around him, it is the kind of supporting role that won't diminish his value. Jesse and Woody Allen would be great costars, as would Kristin of course (I loved her in Whip It and she is overused but great on SNL). If Jesse and Woody decline, I would have to reconsider based on the new cast, just cause I think that having a balanced ensemble is imperative. The directors could go either way.

I know there is bound to be concern over the romance heavy tilt he's got going... I've made no secret of my confusion and doubt about The Lucky One. And even The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman (if that actually goes forward) is driven by saving the girl, though at least that has some serious action under the guise of indie/comedy/romance. That helps him build a bridge to a different genre in a film that is more likely to be seen by guys than TLO.

This is overall more indie comedy than romance (at least to me), but his role is pretty much romance (an older woman again) with singing and dancing thrown in (he gets to impersonate a member of the Backstreet Boys, lollll)... so it is really not much of a stretch. In some ways, it almost feels as if it was written specifically for him. But even if it isn't much of a stretch getting to work with great actors would be nice for him and would give him exposure to some other audiences in a film that seems aimed at the indie demo.

There is something to be said for taking advantage of the fact that most other young male actors like him (but more unknown) seem to just be looking for big action roles or the next franchise, often ignoring quality of material. That to me is no way to build a long career. Being different (to a point) is good in this case... if (and that is a big if) you keep going for stellar projects.

In some ways, I guess I think he does need to jump into action soon instead of just inching. But I see also that he is still very young and very handsome which a lot of guys clearly don't take seriously. Not that they ever won't accept him but it does take time.

It is like he said about the power of no... bluffing or not, act as though you hold all the cards. Act like you don't care about when you go into action because you know it is inevitable and because it is your choice. A lot of people do eventually believe it (even if it is grudgingly so), especially if you keep setting up action-y projects and have the confidence of a major studio behind you.

So idk, personally I hope he has some other more action-y or more non-romantic drama or comedy things going on this year to mix it up... but if he is going to be in something that is more of an ensemble and more romance than not, far better it is Imogene than New Years Eve.

Treat for reading, lol:

Who knows if this will even come to fruition of course... like most of the other projects in development I post about, there is no real guarantee anything will happen, especially if they are just in talks. But I think we all kind of know that by now given his in development list is longer than his completed projects list.

Also wanted to say, a while ago a logline popped up for Einstein Theory. I'm not sure this means there is really any progress on it or that they are closer to shooting... but it is cool to have anyway:

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