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Aug 20th
12:25 pm
Secret casting wish  
I've made no secret that I think Zac should be cast as Light Yagami in the American remake of Death Note.

However, ever since jeezbee on FF suggested Zef should be cast in the adaptation of the comic book Kick-Ass, I've been more and more intrigued by the notion.

To be honest, I'm doubt it will happen. I think Kick-Ass fans would flip cause Zac is kind of a pretty-boy. But Kick-Ass is such an amazing comic! And seeing Zac as Dave Lizewski getting beat up and beating the crap out of other people would be effing awesome! Just the thing to break him out of the musical genre.

Plus, Kick-Ass is so hot right now, and the hype for this will be big cause it is being independently made and will be extremely violent.

Here is Dave:

And Hit-Girl's first appearance:

Seriously, a nine-year-old with a huge sword taking off someone's head... definitely not at Disneyland anymore, Pluto.

And supposedly, according to the creator Mark Millar, two huge names are attached as the main older adult male leads... one an A-lister and one a respected Hollywood actor (probably also A-lister). So when I see Zac visiting Beverly D'Angelo, partner of Al Pacino, and their kids I can't help but get excited that maybe it means he and Pacino were meeting up regarding this! Squee!

And the timing on the Toronto portion of the filming would still allow Zac to participate plenty in HSM promotion. I haven't heard the schedule for the London portion.

More on Kick-Ass:

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Until we know, I'll keep secretly hoping for this!
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Bee: Zac - ELLEjeezbee on August 20th, 2008 10:42 pm (UTC)
I had seen your comments on ONTD (I visit but hardly ever comment) and checked out your journal because I agreed with a lot of what you said. And since you sometimes have info I hadn't seen yet at that point, I still do that. :D

You should post on FF more often. It would be nice to have another poster around who is also primarily interested in Zac and has a good dose of common sense. FF might not be perfect but imo it's still better than the other Zac boards which I can't take. Just stay away from the shipper & couple threads. I totally understand if that's not your thing though.

As for Kick-Ass, I'd love him to do it for a few reasons. For one this would be a good project to distance himself from his squeaky clean image and also a foray into a new genre. Also, his fanbase is dominantly female but if he wants to succeed he needs to find acceptance from the males and a ultra-violent comicbook movie would definitely help him there. Plus, as you've pointed out the team and material so far looks really good.

Unfortunately, I'm fairly sure it's not going to happen as well. Back then when I brought it up initially, the schedule might have worked out but right now it's basically impossible. According to Millar (who posts frequently on his own message board), the casting decision for Dave has been finalized last week and further announcements will come out this and next week.

The problem: they start shooting in five weeks (Millar just confirmed that I think yesterday) and Zac will be on the European promo tour from around 24rd Sep to around 8th Oct (not exact dates... only approx). I can't see him pulling out of the tour completely and he would have to. Plus, several US promo dates after that until the release... it's just too much promo he's committed to during what would be the first 4 weeks of filming. I would be surprised if he would remove himself that much from his promo duties. Which is a pity because I think it would have been a great project for him (should they would have wanted him in the first place).
hunny miss (aka lets fead him to the gators): happyehs_wildcats on August 21st, 2008 04:53 am (UTC)
ITA with all your reasons for wanting him to do it. And I also agree that at this point the scheduling is big hurdle. But a lot of Millar's info seems not entirely concrete and since it is a private enterprise running the show there might be more flexibility if they've decided on Zac.

I'm actually not totally sure what the Kick-Ass fanboys would think of Zac. They'd probably rag on how perfect he looks and that he is 'musical' boy. But (and I think this is helping him in MAOW) they have little idea how he capable he actually is since, outside the target demographic of HSM, not a lot of people are familiar with his work, only his celebrity. Plus he likes comics/manga so get him talking shop with them and they might be okay with it.

All told I don't think it is likely he'll be cast. The film would gain little from having him because it is way outside the demographic he'd bring in and so I'm not sure Millar/Vaughn and Co. would have much motivation to work their schedule around Disney's, unless they really, really liked him for the part.

But I'm still really curious why he was visiting Beverly D'Angelo and Al Pacino's twins. Uggh.

And fingers crossed, he'll be Light Yagami.
Beejeezbee on August 21st, 2008 10:36 am (UTC)
I don't know if you've seen it on ComingSoon.net but Millar said yesterday that an actor unknown in the US has been cast as Dave so it's not Zac as expected.

Zac might not have brought a lot of viewers from his existing fanbase but he would have brought a lot of publicity to the movie which isn't a bad thing if you don't have a studio behind you. But again, I agree it's wasn't likely in the first place.

As for Death Note - I don't know much about anime but nobody can deny he looks the part. I was a weary about it when I first heard it but after briefly checking out the plot etc, I think it could be really interesting - it's not fluffy but dark and has supernatural elements.

I think this would be great with the right team behind. A good producer, writer and director. And that's where my issue currently is. The current producer doesn't seem to have a lot of pull and the writer they've assigned hasn't written anything before... not ideal imo.

In my wish scenario, Christopher Nolan would direct and then I couldn't be more excited about the project. Nolan would be just perfect - dark, comic book, supernatural and iconic seems to be exactly his specialty. Yeah, I know I'm dreaming.
hunny miss (aka lets fead him to the gators): kira 1ehs_wildcats on August 21st, 2008 02:04 pm (UTC)
Death Note is actually really awesome plot-wise and it is almost amusing to me that the opening premise of Kick-Ass and Death Note is very similar on a very basic level... a teenager wanting to rid the world of evil people. Kira just does it with a pen instead of a club. Of course, the stories diverge quickly but it is still an interesting comparison.

But Death Note isn't very physical which is something I liked about Kick-Ass. Plus, right now anime adaptations are mostly criticized, whereas comic book adaptations are huge.

I am also concerned about the team behind it, although the production company, Vertigo Entertainment, was a part of The Departed and that was amazing. I'm not familiar with their horror movies though.

It definitely isn't as solid as Kick-Ass at the moment. But, I agree, with the right people... especially a director who can create a whole world like Nolan or del Toro or Cuaron... it could be amazing.
Bee: Zac - ELLEjeezbee on August 21st, 2008 02:42 pm (UTC)
Plus, right now anime adaptations are mostly criticized, whereas comic book adaptations are huge.

Especially after the mega bomb Speed Racer studios will be even more careful about anime remakes. That's why I feel this would only be good with a big budget (ie a studio movie) and an iconic director who will get a chance and isn't dismissed right away.