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Secret casting wish

I've made no secret that I think Zac should be cast as Light Yagami in the American remake of Death Note.

However, ever since jeezbee on FF suggested Zef should be cast in the adaptation of the comic book Kick-Ass, I've been more and more intrigued by the notion.

To be honest, I'm doubt it will happen. I think Kick-Ass fans would flip cause Zac is kind of a pretty-boy. But Kick-Ass is such an amazing comic! And seeing Zac as Dave Lizewski getting beat up and beating the crap out of other people would be effing awesome! Just the thing to break him out of the musical genre.

Plus, Kick-Ass is so hot right now, and the hype for this will be big cause it is being independently made and will be extremely violent.

Here is Dave:

And Hit-Girl's first appearance:

Seriously, a nine-year-old with a huge sword taking off someone's head... definitely not at Disneyland anymore, Pluto.

And supposedly, according to the creator Mark Millar, two huge names are attached as the main older adult male leads... one an A-lister and one a respected Hollywood actor (probably also A-lister). So when I see Zac visiting Beverly D'Angelo, partner of Al Pacino, and their kids I can't help but get excited that maybe it means he and Pacino were meeting up regarding this! Squee!

And the timing on the Toronto portion of the filming would still allow Zac to participate plenty in HSM promotion. I haven't heard the schedule for the London portion.

More on Kick-Ass:

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Until we know, I'll keep secretly hoping for this!
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