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Paparazzi introspection

I get a bit uncomfortable because he's made it clear he doesn't like the paparazzi following him. Also, having seen the craziness they can create worries me a bit for his (and others) safety. They are intrusive (see pics below) and can be brutally rude saying sensational things just to get a reaction. So far Zac has been able to keep his cool, but I worry that anyone under that kind of scrutiny could go batty, even someone who seems as level-headed as Zef.

So how can I support those pictures and that activity? I guess because I enjoy seeing pics of Zac in almost any context, so even paparazzi pics can be nice to look at. Plus I know that in a way, paparazzi help stars become even bigger. There is definitely a simpatico at play and Zac knows that, even though I don't think he's the kind of celebrity that calls them to alert them to where he is going as he seems to avoid them and their hangouts mostly. I mean, he needs to have power in Hollywood so he can choose the projects he wants to work on (irregardless of the money issue), and until he gets more films under his belt to build his staying power, the paparazzi prove he's popular and they buy him some time to establish himself.

I guess in a way, the paparazzi thing is one of the prices you pay to be a star. When you are in an artistic career, you need people to relate to you and personal photos are one way they do. And also really, he's made a ton of money off of people being interested in him so I feel a little bit of a sense of entitlement... I should get to enjoy pictures of him if I spend money on his products. But should I enjoy it when it causes him misery?

It is tough, because I want Zac (and really mostly everybody) to be able to live happy lives. Eventually if Zac can maintain a mostly normal and boring lifestyle... the paparazzi will get bored too. Hopefully by that time he'll be A-list without all the hooplah.

A note about these photos. I think one of the ways the agencies make it easy to not feel uncomfortable about the paparazzi is they generally don't release photos where they look like they are intruding and crowding. These pics still get out but not as often as I'm sure it happens. Anyway, the pictures below demonstrate some of the more uncomfortable times for Zac:

Whilst shopping at UO (the papz are supposed to stay out of stores and off of private property):

^This pic screams "I am not amused"

Arriving at LAX:

The following is the photog corrale at the SAGs. So this photo op is an official part of his job... but still, holy shit. How can stars even see past all the flashes from all those cameras?

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