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I don't care if this is true or not

Zac Efron returned home after being on a publicity tour for “Charlie St. Cloud,” only to hear sounds in his Hollywood Hills home that were reminiscent of a ghost, says Shelby Loosch of Globe.

Lucky for Efron, it wasn't a being from the supernatural world making all that racket. Instead, it was merely a racoon who was hiding in a box of clothes that were heading to Goodwill.

While looking through the box, Zac Efron felt a bit teary, because there was a whole tiny family of baby raccoons living in a nest. Zac was feeling misty because the mother ran away as soon as he found its hangout.

Not to be deterred, Efron called a wild animal specialist who captured the animal and returned the mommy to her kids. The family was then returned to life in the wild.


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