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The Necessary Death of Charlie...


Perhaps you were expecting something else there, lol. I swear I'm going to slip with that one day.

But this post is about a totally different, possibly upcoming, project that was added to Baseline last week.

Funnily enough though, this Charlie also sees dead people. And apparently gets told he looks like Chandler from TV. (I kid you not).

More info from PW:

The start date appears to be in March, so it might be happening soon. I guess we'll see if that comes true. It might depend on the cast coming together. Mia and Tom would be amazing co-stars... but Tom especially is probably pretty in demand nowadays (not to mention Batman 3 starts filming in April I think).

This script was on the Blacklist in 2007 and they were originally shopping it around with Shia attached. Not sure what happened but I guess that fell apart.

I have heard that the story is pretty good - action-y and wryly witty but not without some drama - though the third act kind of loses steam (too much exposition, not enough dying). It sounds a lot like Die in a Gunfight actually (but I'm told this is better), so that might be dead for now.

LOL, I guess when he said he wanted to do a genre till he nailed it, he meant not just romantic melodrama but also projects with the words Charlie and Death in their title.

p.s. the director doesn't have any feature film experience but he is award-winning commercial director, dante ariola. check out a few of his commercials:

more commercials and his bio here.
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