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LOL from Glee last night (and other hsm/cstc things)

ty colfer for pointing this out! haha.

i'm especially excited it was in brittany's room, cause i <3 her.


scans from new hsm3 magazine (ty

cosmo uk interview (via ff):

Are you romantic?
Well, I don't want to gloat but I think I'm pretty good. If I had to rate myself, I'd say I was an 8.5.

Thats's pretty high! What makes you so romantic then?
It just comes easily. It's the small things that count. Like, I'd rather spend time on something than just buy a girl a present. I love to paint and draw, so if I can make something that literally no one else could give you, then I think that's usually a good gift. That's the type of stuff that has actual meaning - not just material possessions.

What makes a great date?
I like to go for dinner - I like women who can enjoy food. An appreciation for food is important. I saw Penelope Cruz at the Academy Awards and she was really savouring the food at the party, eating chocolate and walking around barefoot! She was so cool and laid-back.'

Do you find that attractive in a woman?
That laid-back, carefree attitude? Absolutely! I think that's really cool.

So you like a lady who eats. Do you cook at all?
I'm not a great cook. I mean, I can follow directions on a recipe and get it done, but its not going to be revolutionary.

Do you have a favourite chat-up line?
Like a pick-up line? Oh man, where is Andy? My friend Andy is from London and he has some really funny ones, but I don't know. I'm not using them a lot lately. I'm out of practice.

How should a girl approach a guy?
I've been with Vanessa for such a long time, this is an area where I don't have that much expertise. But I think it's cool for girls to approach guys. I think that shows confidence, and that's attractive. I find confidence very, very attractive...and a good sense of humour and smile - a smile is the first thing I look at - and just not being too self-conscious. Don't be afraid to take your shoes off!

What's your worst habit?
I can never get motivated to do the laundry, so it piles up. It just sits there in a massive, massive pile. When the day comes to do it, it usually takes a full day washing, morning to night and into the next day - actually, a full two days gets it all done.

Have you always been popular with the ladies?
I was pretty extroverted when I was young. I was the class clown and never took things too seriously, so I was never afraid of girls. I always had a lot of girl friends - not girlfriends, but friends who were girls.

Do you remember your first kiss?
I do. I don't want to out her, but I remember it was in a tree house. It was reminiscent of High School Musical, actually. That's so strange, I hadn't even thought of that. But I was really young and there were candles. It was a good experience.

Candles? Nice! Do you think you're a good kisser now?
Pretty good, yeah. I think the first part of my body that'll go is my lips, from overuse!

hitlist interview (via zf):

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