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Mar 3rd
07:15 am
Zac in IOM Today  

With director Richard Linklater:

"HIGH School Musical star Zac Efron took a moment out of his busy filming schedule at the weekend to pose for a few shots.

Zac, who is spending most of his time in the Island at the Gaiety Theatre shooting Me and Orson Welles, was joined by the film's director Richard Linklater (School of Rock, Dazed and Confused), producer Ann Carli and executive producer Marc Samuelson at a press conference on Sunday.

"The film is set in 1937 and is about an Orson Welles production of Julius Caesar staged at New York's famous Mercury Theatre.

"Christian McKay stars as Orson Welles and actors Claire Danes, Ben Chaplin and Eddie Marsan also feature in the ensemble cast."

And pleasing moms and daughters alike:

There is video at the source, which apparently does not work in Mac and also does not have Zac, so I have no idea if it is worth watching.

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