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Another Madrid Interview + more TLO casting

Well, since Spider-Man and POTC4 didn't work out, Zac tells us what his next great cinematic franchise ambition is...

LOL the music on this video; 10 to 1 not all licensed. But who are we to talk, lol.

Don't forget Zac is on UK's Daybreak (formerly GMTV) tomorrow.

Also per twitter they went to Universal's Halloween thing the other night. I have been... or rather, I waited at CityWalk while my friends went cause I didn't want to pay, lol. I was cold and tired once Coffee Bean closed and I had to sit outside. It was not fun.

OH and imdb has seemingly confirmed what we suspected about casting for Keith Clayton. The FB casting people posted a stand-in opening for Jay R. Ferguson and sure enough imdb lists him now as Keith Clayton.

He's not that well-known but, as a Volvo driver and descendant of Swedish immigrants, I am most curious about the drama he produced called Swedish Auto. Twilight aside, you can never go wrong with movies involving Swedish vehicles, just sayin'.
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