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Cause I know your day won't be complete without a blurry picture of Zac's boxers

There are more at the source but idk, he's hiding in most so... awkward. Oh and I guess this was them leaving Urban Outfitters.

Also what girl's room is complete without a poster for Eclipse and Charlie st. cloud (from Community, ty shrewtee for pointing it out to me):

Article and Video from Sydney:

Nine to Five

The Herald has a nice video interview here but I can't embed it. I'm working on YTing it but I'll eta that in later.

Also... because tinypic is stupid now... if you are not in the US, UK, Australia or Canada you may encounter old posts here or on ONTD with missing pictures. If you do, please let me know by messaging me, because I'd like to fix them but ik it will be tough/time-consuming to figure out every old post that has tinypics :(
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