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More from Children's Hospital

Okay I lied, there were two extra pics at the orig story site but then this second site posted even more pics... anyway, long story short... I was compelled to make a post tonight for it. Plus I wanted to c/p some stuff (via ff) from Dani and Audrey's friend who had some nice comments about the situation.


what happened, first hand

Per Dani (via ff) :D
My friend Kylie is a play therapist at the Children's Hospital in Sydney and (as I found out a few hours before and had to keep my mouth shut about... torture I tell you, torture!) Zac made an appearance this afternoon. She typed a bunch of stuff about it to me via text, this is all via her:

Well it was all very hectic. He came in with our PR rep and his 'people' and met the little girl he came especially to meet and had a photo for the Daily Telegraph. I was reading a HSM book with her when he arrived! He was so chilled, kicking back on her bed with her. Then he went from patient to patient on the ward and I introduced each one to him. Even though PR and his reps were in a hurry, he was in no hurry- he stopped and chilled with every patient, sat on their beds, posed for photos and signed autographs for them and siblings and even a couple who requested autographs for their friends. One boy started vomiting and Zac stayed so composed, he didn't even flinch. He was so patient with everyone. He saw everyone on my ward and then went to another.

I asked her if she got to talk to him much and she said:

No, it was so strict and hectic, I had to be so professional. And there was literally no time, his 'people' were trying to rush so much. But I didn't mind at all. It was about the kids. I was there to do my job and make sure they had fun - which they did!!! their smiles were amazingly big. : ) I did get to introduce him to each patient though. He was so polite and shy, thanking me every time!

I commented about how rewarding her job is, seeing the impact that a visit like his can have upon them and she said:

They were all pretty excited! Although alot weren't fazed at all. For a lot of them it hit after he was gone and their parents were telling them how jealous their friends/sisters etc would be that they got more hyped. the 6-13 year old girls were so enamored - blushing and beaming from ear to ear. Especially because he was so relaxed and right there in their personal space - sitting and laying on beds with them.

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