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More Sydney Charlie St. Cloud - Sunrise, Kyle and Jackie O, Pics

Sunrise/Kyle and Jackie O

From Sunrise's Twitter:

From some tumblr:

From stuarthorrex


Kyle and Jackie O stuff


I'm not going to YT this cause I think they took down my 17 Again interview (after like 10 months... ridic ik). And it was probably even one of the ones that killed my main YT account :'( But with the link above, you can listen if your browser has a built-in player or right-click save as.

More random Sydney pics


Random from some news site, kekeke:

^if only he was shaved and his hair was nicer... it would be perfect for Death Noting.

That random girl who got to kiss him, lol (via jj obvs):

she's a qt... and so lucky... damn.

Also link to Sydney Confidential video... mostly the same as what was posted before I think, so I won't upload it to yt.

And ftr: Australian AP article (via Sydney Morning Herald) with a new video (also not much new).

A couple more London twitpics

From MattyPop39:

From racheljp21:

E's Fashion Police with Joan Rivers
ty Jess for uploading :)

just a bit mean but funny too. and there are worse things that they could be mocking i suppose, so it's all good.

He did more press today (and it sounds like he might be doing more tomorrow) so we'll probably get more stuff later.
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