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Arriving in style at Sydney's Airport

In the style of the unabomber, that is.

I love hoodies so much on him that idec that in this case he looks even more like a (well-dressed) terrorist than usual, lol.


He should've worn that hoodie the other night in London so he could've zipped it up and not had to try and hide his face while stumbling/running into his hotel with his eyes closed...

Links to some articles:

He wants to get fat and then naked (sry ontd)

He enjoys dance-offs with obscure (to me at least) British celebrities

LOL, umm, he says he would love to be on Glee... ofc I'd actually enjoy this happening just for his performances since plot and character development mean practically nothing on that show. But I'm not convinced he actually is interested, js. Though I'm sure Lea is happy to hear of this possible cameo.
Tags: airport, articles, charlie st. cloud, hoodie, sunglasses: aviators, sydney, unabomber styling
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