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Bet he's glad he has a whole plane ride to sleep...

as promised more pics from london i haven't posted yet...

starting with twit/fanpics cause a) they are always my favs and b) i really wanted to post this outside the cut... zomg it is amazing (WHERE IS MATT FOR THIS):

lol two more from madrid:


still too lazy to source most sry, lol... oh except the first six are from zanessasweetie

going to the premiere from hotel

arriving/going from one after-party to another

going to his hotel

all of the above from here.

london red carpet: him talking to crowd

munich red carpet: interview/junket coverage, lol the zoom to his eyes

i have my favorite videos from europe (pt 2) to post still. plus i think i'll do an hq/favs london post now that there are more pics in archives. idk when these will happen... hopefully the video one tonight and the hq one tomorrow.
Tags: charlie st. cloud, fan encounters, fans, london, madrid, munich, premiere, slightly douchey, social media, sunglasses: in darkness, videos

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