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This might shut the haters up, but probably not.

Zac's new flick, 17 Again, has been pushed back from February 20th to April 17th.

In light of acquiring New Line's roster of upcoming flicks, Warner Bros. has been playing a game of shuffle with a lot of pics, including the high-profile Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (though that might have been pushed for other qualitative reasons... not that I know anything mind you, they could just be satisfied with TDK's take and want to push this off to next year to spread out the moolah).

Traditionally, February is not a good month for movies. It is a dumping ground since, generally speaking, it is way too early for blockbusters which rely on out-on-holiday students. Further, it is too early for Oscar to remember. So usually random stuff, with the exception of a gooey Valentine's Day film or two, gets scheduled then. April is a much better month, even if it means fans have to wait two additional months!

The bad news, in terms of competition, is that it will now be competing against political thriller, State of Play, with a bevy of established stars and Julie and Julia, with Amy Adams and Meryl Streep. Neither of these are in the same genre at least, but still, big shoes to fill.

Overall, I think this positioning means that WB has very positive feelings about this flick and its ability to compete, which can only mean those who were saying WB was dumping this where it would hurt them least, are mistaken.

But seriously, we need some casting news stat!

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